Fight Winter Blues with The Ksisters' Skin Care Regime [Edition 2023]

Fight Winter Blues with The Ksisters' Skin Care Regime [Edition 2023]

Imagine it is one of the hottest days of summer and you need to step out of your home to run errands. Now, would you dress yourself up in a raincoat, gumboots and take an umbrella with you? No, right? That would clearly make no sense at all.

Now imagine it's the coldest day of winter. Will you step out wearing a tanktop and shorts and sliders? Well absolutely not!

Imagine you live at a place where you experience 8 months of summers, 2 months of rains and 2 months of winter.
Can you wear shorts, t-shirt, and sliders for the entire year?
You won’t have any problem in summers because obviously the clothes are summer appropriate, maybe you’ll be able to manage somehow during rains. But in winters? You won’t sustain!

So, we all would agree that we need to change our clothes according to the seasons.

If clothes, which are used as manmade covering for our bodies change with the seasons, shouldn’t we change the routine we follow to take care of our natural outer self, our natural covering, which is our skin, with the changing seasons?

Oh! Of Course You should!

Therefore, in this blog The Ksisters is telling you the winter skin care routine that you can follow step by step to take care of your skin in the best way possible.

No matter if you have been searching for a winter skincare routine for dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, you would find this skincare routine the best. Also, this winter skincare guide is not just for your face but will cover body care routine too.

So keep reading this blog till the end to find tips, get the best skincare for winter season, and more importantly to understand why you were doing your skincare all wrong during winters that was damaging your skin.

Basic Winter Beauty Tips You Need to Follow This Season 

Before starting with anything else, you need to know a few of the basics of winter skincare, here is the winter skincare tips by dermatologists that you need to read-

  1. Do not take bath with too hot water 

    Yes, no matter how relaxing you feel standing in the shower of hot water, it is not good for your skin. Too hot water takes away all the moisture from your skin leaving it dry and flaky. Winter dryness is a common phenomena, which you surely wouldn’t want to escalate.

  1. The skin on different parts of the body are different

    The skin on different parts of the body are different. Some have more flexibility like the skin on your bum area, while some are made to serve different and more tough functions like the skin on your elbow. Some are super thick while some are super thin like the skin under your eyes. Therefore, you need to consider the different skin on your body and care for them accordingly.

  1. You should absolutely avoid harsh scrubs and scented soaps

    The harsh scrubs again makes your skin rough, dry and flaky, whereas scented soaps contain chemicals that muddle with the natural pH of your skin, thereby disturbing the pH of your skin, causing skin problems.

A Step-By-Step Guide For Winter Skincare Routine

Trust us, this is the entire body skincare routine for winters that you need to read and follow -

  • Step 1: Clean yourself 

    Hop in the shower. Do not take a bath with too hot water. Wash yourself with a non-scented soap or body wash. Do not scrub your skin too much. Use intimate hygiene wash from The Ksisters to take care of the cleanliness of your intimate area. Use a mild face wash to wash off the dust and dirt from your face and pores.

  • Always remember that while you are taking a bath and cleaning the dirt and dust from your body and from the pores, you are also trying to maintain the hydration of the skin cells.

  • Step 2: Always pat dry and never rub the towel on your skin

    You might know this point, but do you always follow this practice? Well, if you want your kin to remain healthy, you need to!

  • Step3: Intimate care first!

    Once you are out of the shower and have dried yourself, you need to take care of your intimate hydration. For this, you need a nourishing serum that would maintain the pH of the intimate area, as well as make the skin tone even, tighten the intimate area, and reduce any sign of ageing of your vagina. The Ksisters’ revolutionary product Intimate Lightening Serum would help you achieve all this all at once.

  • Step 4: Don’t allow rashes in your intimate areas 

    You may suffer from rashes, irritation and itchiness in your intimate area. And this problem escalates during winters as the area remains under a lot of layers of clothes. To make sure that you are maintaining proper intimate hygiene, you should use The Ksisters’ Rash Free Cream. This product will keep the skin of your intimate area hydrated, and moisturised, thereby reducing the risk of itchiness, dryness and rashes.

  • Step 5: Caring for the skin on the back and bum area 

    You might have never cared about the skin on the back and bum area, but you should. The skin on the back and bum undergoes a lot of stretching throughout the day and this is the area where the skin becomes uneven, rough, flaky and itchy during winters. Therefore, you need to take care of the skin in thai area as well. The Ksisters presents to you their Back And Bum Cream that is specially formulated to take care of the skin on the back and bum area. So get rid of all the dark spots and patchiness due to uneven skin tone and get ready to have smooth, even-toned skin for the ideal summer body of your dreams.

  • Step 6: Underarm care is necessary too 

    Underarm skin often becomes hyperpigmented and this uneven skin tone becomes our biggest insecurities. But not anymore! Because in winters you can do something that would prepare your underarms for summer clothes. So what can you do? You can try The Ksisters’ Underarm rejuvenating Cream. This product is specially formulated to eradicate the dark pores, and uneven skin tone from the skin in your armpits. You can even use this product to lighten the dark knees and elbows, which is an additional advantage and usage of this product.

  • Step 7: Coming to the face now! 

    Face skin is very sensitive. You need to lock all the moisture with the right product. A serum seems to be the right choice to be used as the first product on your skin after washing it and patting it dry. But which serum should you go for? Try The Ksisters’ Vitamin C Serum With SPF 45 PA +++. Vitamin C is recommended by dermatologists during winters as it helps to keep the skin healthy. Moreover, this special product from The Kistsers contains SPF 45 PA +++ that would act as a sunscreen but won’t give you the sticky, oily look. Even if you don’t apply sunscreen after this product, you will be good to go for the entire day.

  • Step 8: Don’t forget the most sensitive skin on your face!

    The skin under your eyes is the most sensitive and therefore, you should take care of it even more. But how? It's simple! With a serum! Yes, an under eye serum is best to be applied on this part of your face just after you have washed and pat dried it. Serums lock all the moisture and nourish your skin deeply. The Under Eye Roll On Serum from the Ksisters is one of the most hassle free serums that can be applied with the help of a roll on that comes with it. The serum is a great way to take care of the most sensitive skin under your eyes.

  • Step 9: Go ahead with your day without any worries

    With the basic skincare that we have told you above, you are good to go for the entire day. You can use more products like a moisturiser on your face and then go on and do makeup if you want but this much of full-body skincare is mandatory to be followed. This skincare routine is best for winters and you will see the difference in the appearance of your skin from the very first day.

Try The Ksisters!

Love yourself as you are but keep taking care of your skin well. The Ksisters help you to #BeMoreYou, so that you can conquer the world.

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