Christmas Eve And New Year's Party Look: Skincare And Makeup Guide

Christmas Eve And New Year's Party Look: Skincare And Makeup Guide

Christmas and New Year's are just around the corner, which means that the party season is almost here. To start preparing for the most glamorous time of the year, you need both skincare and makeup tips, and that is what we are here for.

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Christmas And New Year Beauty Trends 

It's the holiday season, which means a back-to-back calendar of Christmas dinners and New Year’s parties is upon us. It's time for you to take on the avatar of a glam goddess and look your absolute best now.

But looking fantastic is not just about that pretty dress, shoes, or accessories; looking radiant begins with the right skincare and makeup too.

Therefore, to prepare you for the festive frenzy ahead, The Ksisters have assembled a holiday beauty guide with tips aplenty to get you party-perfect.

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Pre-Party Preparations Begin With Skincare And Haircare

Without giving full justice to the skincare and hair care game, you just cannot achieve the glowy look. So, check out how you can do the basics of skin care and hair care before moving on to makeup.


Skincare can be divided into two parts -

  1. Taking care of the skin and making it look radiant and glowy 

    To make your skin look hydrated and radiant, you need to start from the very basics.

    After washing your face and patting it dry, you need to treat your skin with hydration, and the first product you need for this is a serum. The Ksisters’ Vitamin C Serum With SPF 45 PA+++. Vitamin C is recommended by dermatologists during the winters as it helps keep the skin healthy.

    Another sensitive area is the skin under your eyes. The Under Eye Roll On Serum from the Ksisters is one of the most hassle free serums that can be applied with the help of a roll on that comes with it. The serum is a great way to take care of the most sensitive skin under your eyes.

  1. Doing the body rituals to pamper your body

    You definitely need to take care of your body on the most basic level too. Therefore, the body care routine that you should follow should be this -

    • Intimate hygiene wash from The Ksisters is formulated to keep your intimate area clean.
    • Intimate Lightening Serum from The Ksisters would maintain the pH of the intimate area while also making the skin tone even, tightening the intimate area, and reducing any signs of vaginal ageing.
    • The Ksisters’ Rash Free Cream will keep the skin of your intimate area hydrated, and moisturised, thereby reducing the risk of itchiness, dryness, and rashes.
    • The Ksisters’ Back And Bum Cream is specially formulated to take care of the skin on the back and bum area. It will get rid of all the dark spots and patchiness due to uneven skin tone and get you ready to have smooth, even-toned skin for the ideal summer body of your dreams.
    • The Ksisters’ Underarm rejuvenating Cream eradicates the dark pores, and uneven skin tone from the skin in your armpits.

    This will make sure that you take good care of your skin overall, both your face skin and your body skin.


For your hair you need to give nourishment to your hair scalp and roots. For this it is necessary for you to follow this routine -

  • Oiling of hair is very important.

  • Hair masks once a week or every 15 days is important to pack all the nourishment in.

  • A shampoo which doesn’t rip all the hydration off your hair roots and scalp is also important.

  • A conditioner that hydrates is crucial. 

  • Hair serum before using hair instruments is mandatory. 

This will cause you to take better care of your hair in general.

5 Minutes Makeup Routine You Can TRY THIS HOLIDAYS 

Makeup can enhance a person's natural glow. However, if your schedule is too tight, you can also pull it off with a five-minute exercise.

Avoid applying foundation: This is because it takes time to cover the entire face with foundation. Choose a concealer that you can apply to your skin with either a sponge or just your fingertips.

Use Cream Blush: A cream-based blush can be used to contour your face in place of powder. Blush can effectively conceal a tired-looking face. The high point of the cheekbones might be blushed. Brush motions must be directed toward the hairline.

Highlight the eyebrows: Instead of stacking colours on the eyelids, draw attention to your eyebrows. For eyes that appear fatigued, use an eye mask.

Some Bonus Makeup Tips 

You are lucky if you are here at this part of the blog. Try these tips and let us know in the comment section if that was helpful. Keep reading!

For some women, a glossy lipstick might be preferable to a dark one.

Lip liner can be used to line the entire lip or just the outside to add volume to the lips. A natural lip liner can be used for lips that are pale in colour.

Eye curlers and black mascara applied with extra strokes to the outer lashes can brighten lifeless eyes.

The natural glow of the face can be enhanced by applying bronzer under the cheekbones and toward the hairline.

These tips will help you look your most glamorous self this Christmas as well as on New Year’s Eve.

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Look at your most glamorous self with proper skincare and makeup using the tips and recommendations we’ve mentioned above.

The Ksisters help you to #BeMoreYou, so that you can conquer the world in your own way.

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