Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Day and Night Skincare Routine Questions

Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Day and Night Skincare Routine Questions

Many times, we just want straightforward answers to our questions. So if you are looking for answers to the questions related to day and night skincare that you have always wanted to ask, this blog is exactly that.

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1. What should my daytime skin-care routine be? 

For people with normal skin, a basic morning skin care routine involves cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising. Try this basic morning routine to keep your skin healthy and nourished.

  • Step 1: Cleanser 

    You might think that just cleansing your skin before bed is all you need to wake up fresh-faced, but another rinse in the morning with a gentle cleanser is always a good idea.

    Start each day with washing your face with a gentle, non-drying cleansing cream. Splash warm water on your face, then mix a small amount of cleanser with water in your hands to create a soft foam. Massage the cleanser in gentle circular movements and upward strokes, avoiding the area around your eyes.

  • Step 2: Exfoliate once or twice per week.

    It is always recommended to exfoliate once or twice weekly to remove built-up dirt and oil, reduce dullness, and remove the dead skin cells.

    Focus your efforts on areas with blackheads or flaky skin (especially the nose and cheeks), since those are the areas where clogged pores tend to crop up.

  • Step 3: Use a toner to keep your skin hydrated.

    A toner is an illuminating moisturiser that nourishes the skin with its cooling property. Toners help restore your skin after cleansing and provide hydration and cellular renewal for more compact and luminous cells ready to absorb the products you will apply next.

  • Step 4 : Moisturise Your Back and Bum Too 

    The Ksisters have an epic solution to your flaky dry back. Remember those days when your bottoms get extremely itchy and flaky? This is an indication that the skin of your back and bum area needs attention too.

    For this you need to use The Ksisters’ Back And Bum Cream which is a revolutionary product which specialises to take care of the skin of your back and bum.

  • Step 5: Add Topical Acne Medications 

    If you're suffering from acne breakouts or have acne-prone skin, acne treatments like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide should be applied directly to clean, dry skin at this point in your skincare regimen. Applying acne treatments at this point of your morning skincare routine allows the medications to be absorbed most effectively into the skin.

    Acne formulas containing retinoids are one exception to this rule. For some skin types, retinoids can be applied after moisturising formulas to prevent dry or sensitive skin.

  • Step 6: Add an Antioxidant Serum

    Serums are super-concentrated, nutrient-dense treatments that address very specific skin-related issues. They are added early into the skincare regimen to keep them as close to the skin as possible. We have Vitamin C face serum with SPF of 45 PA+++ & Under eye roll on serum.

    The unique formulation of the serum which has the benefits of a sunscreen will help you manage your skincare well.

    A roll-on serum is a hassle-free solution to care for your eyes in the easiest way possible.

  • Step 7: Apply eye cream 

    The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on your face, and it is also the first to show signs of premature ageing.

    Regular use of eye cream will keep your eyelid skin elastic and can improve or prevent fine lines, under eye bags, and collagen loss. To apply an eye cream, dab a small amount under and around your eyes, including on the upper eyelid and just below the arch of the eyebrow, using your finger pads.

    Eyes are the easiest to ignore while performing a skin care routine because many times we think that the skin under the eyes are same as the skin on the other parts of the face. But, the skin under the eyes are thinner and require extra care. The Ksisters have uncomplicated the process of taking care of the skin under the eyes with its revolutionary roll-on eye serum. Simply apply the serum before going to bed and gently massage for 30 seconds. Your eye nerves will be soothed by the cooling effect, allowing you to sleep soundly. Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, coffee, licorice, niacinamide, cucumber, and aloe vera extracts are combined in a potent way to diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

  • Step 8: Apply sunscreen to your skin 

    Moisturising your skin with SPF is the most important step of your skincare routine. Moisturising not only hydrates your skin but also seals in all of the products from the preceding steps. It is recommended to use sunscreen daily, even on cloudy or cool days.

2. What skincare is best in the morning? 

Your morning skin care routine should be basic such as this one -

  1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. 
  2. Apply eye cream. 
  3. Smooth on a lightweight moisturiser. 

While it is totally fine if you add more products to your routine, the above-mentioned ones are the basic ones that should always be included in your morning skincare routine.

  1. Gentle Cleanser 

    A quality cleanser will remove the overnight oil accumulation on your skin and nighttime products so that it literally has a fresh, clean start. Look for one that is safe and gentle for your skin type. Use lukewarm water to rinse the cleanser off your skin. Hot water can irritate and over-dry the skin, so make sure the temperature is "just right" (think Goldilocks).

  1. Eye Cream

    Eye creams are specially formulated to deliver targeted results to the ultra-delicate skin around the eyes. They are typically more nourishing than your average moisturiser, and they can make your eyes look more youthful and bright. To avoid pulling on the skin and encouraging wrinkles, dab the cream around your eyes rather than rubbing it in.

    The Ksisters' Under Eye Roll On Serum is a plant-based under eye serum that contains coffee extract, cucumber extract, licorice extract, aloe vera extract, and niacinamide. It acts on dark circles, reduces pigmentation and puffiness, and makes them uniform and radiant. Shop the product before it gets out of stock.

  1. Lightweight Moisturizer with SPF 

    As the final step in your AM skincare routine, apply a moisturiser to your face and smooth it in gently with circular movements. Choose a lightweight option that will not feel heavy, and make sure it has an SPF of at least 30. Protect your skin, and it will protect you.

    Protect your skin, and it will protect you. The Ksister’s Vitamin C Face Serum  has an SPF of 45 PA+++, which shields your skin from the destructive UV rays and holds the moisture in your skin for prolonged periods.

3. What should I include in my morning skincare routine? 

The order in which you apply products decides the effects they have on your skin. In general, for both morning and evening routines, you should apply products from lightest to heaviest after cleansing the skin thoroughly twice.

Your Morning Skin Care Order 

The right morning routine will keep your skin calm and hydrated throughout the day.

  • Step 1: Cleanser

    A clean face is the first mandatory target to get to a healthy, glowing complexion, which is your goal. Apply the cleanser with warm water and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Always gently pat the skin dry with a clean towel.

  • Step 2: Toner

    Whether your goal is to hydrate dry skin, combat oil on the skin, or soothe sensitive skin, the right toner makes all the difference. Apply your toner to a cotton pad, then sweep the pad outwards from the centre of your face.

  • Step 3: Serum

    No matter whether you use water- or oil-based, serums are easily absorbed by the skin, and a little goes a long way. Gently pat it into your skin, starting at the centre of your face and moving outward.

  • Step 4: Eye Cream

    The sensitive skin around your eyes needs your special attention. Apply your eye cream in very small dots near the inner corner of your eye and smooth it outward. Follow the orbital bones that surround your eye, including the area just under your eyebrow, gently patting them into your skin with your ring finger.

  • Step 5: Moisturiser 

    Moisturising is vital to keeping skin healthy and helping ageing skin appear more youthful. Gently massage your moisturiser into your slightly damp skin.

  • Step 6: Sunscreen

    Sunscreen is necessary all year, even on cloudy days. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside of your house.

  • Step 7 : Back & Bum Care

    Taking care of the skin on the back and bu are is also necessary. Sometimes the back and bum areas are the most ignored because of the fact that they are not visible. However, it should be noted that the overall skincare routine would include these parts too and to take care of your entire body is what you need to do to be satisfied.

    The Ksisters’ back and bum cream reduces dark spots and pigmentation from the back and bum area, making the skin colour uniform.

  • Step 8 : Intimate Care

    Intimate care is also a vital part of your skincare routine in the morning. If you are unsure of how to maintain intimate hygiene in the proper way then here are a few products from The Kisisters you definitely need to try -

    Intimate Hygiene Wash - cleaning the intimate area and making sure it is hygienic is the first step.

Intimate Lightening Serum makes sure that your intimate area is the same colour as other parts of the body.

Rash Free Cream will ensure that the dead skin cells of the intimate area are removed and you have rash and itch free skin in your intimate area.

4. What time should I do my night skincare routine? 

The night skin care routine should be done when you come back home after completing the day’s work, or when you are done with all the day’s chores.

You can unwind yourself by engaging yourself in doing night skincare which is also very therapeutic.

There is not a fixed time to do the nighttime skincare routine but it is always advised to make sure you do it every night before going to bed.

5. What should be a night skin care routine? 

The simplest of nighttime skin care routine would look somewhat like this -

  1. Cleaning the face to get rid of makeup 

  2. Cleaning again to unclog pores of the dirt and impurities

  3. Using a toner to keep your skin hydrated 

  4. Using under eye cream to replenish the health of the sensitive skin 

  5. Using a light moisturiser that doesn’t feel heavy 

  6. Using rash free cream to prevent itch and rash in the intimate area 

6. What should I apply on my face before bed? 

Your skin goes through a renewal process at night. Thus, caring for it before you go to sleep is essential. Not only does it help your skin look youthful, but it also ensures that your skin remains smooth.

  1. Face wash with salicylic acid 

    Make sure to wash your face with a face wash that contains salicylic acid. It ensures that your skin is smooth and free from acne and blemishes.

  1. Use a mild scrub. 

    Though you must scrub your face on a regular basis, using a mild scrub at night will remove the dead skin cells from your skin pores and allow the new cells to resurface.

  1. Toner for smooth skin 

    Complete the routine by applying a toner that suits your skin type.

  1. Use a hydrating moisturiser. 

    Last but not least, apply a hydrating moisturiser that has aloe vera before you go to bed at night.

7. Is it better to do skin care at night or day? 

It is important that you do skin care both at daytime and during night. It should be understood here that both the skin care routines are equally important and you should not undervalue any of the two.

Now, it must have been clear to you by now that the daytime and nighttime skin care routines vary a lot not. This is because your skin is exposed to different types of things during the day and way different things at nighttimes. Therefore, you need to prep your skin for these situations which is done through a good skin care routine during the day and again at night.

8. Should you have a different skincare routine for morning and night? 

Yes. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have different skin care routines in the day and at night. Your kin is exposed to different things during the day and completely different things at night. Therefore, to make your skin look and stay healthy, you need to prepare it for the things it will be going through accordingly with the help of different kinds of products.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a different skincare routine for morning and night.

9. Can I use the same skincare routine for day and night? 

To make sure you wake up with a fresh complexion, use a slightly different routine before you hit the hay.

  • Step 1: Double Cleanse 

    This is the step where your morning skincare routine varies from your night skincare routine. Double cleansing ensures that you are removing all the impurities from your skin thoroughly. For maximum benefits, make sure that you are using products according to your skin type.

    Gently massage the oil-based cleanser first into your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water. While the skin is still damp, repeat the process with a water-based cleanser. Pat the skin dry gently.

  • Step 2: Toner 

    For your evening routine, you can use the toner you applied in the morning. Remember to choose the toner which suits your skin type.

  • Step 3: Serum 

    A nighttime serum gives your skin some extra care while you sleep. It is recommended to choose one with AHAs or BHAs, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, or peptides.

    Gently pat the serum into your face from the centre outward.

  • Step 4: Eye Cream 

    Repeat the method you used in the morning. The same eye cream can work for both day and night skincare routine, or you can select one with SPF for mornings and a heavier, more hydrating eye cream for the evening.

  • Step 5: Moisturiser 

    Repeat the method you used in the morning. You can use the same product for the morning and night skincare routine, or you may choose one that contains SPF in the morning and a creamier, more hydrating product at night.

10. What are the 5 basics of skin care?

The basics of skincare you should swear by are -

  1. Cleanse once, then cleanse again. 

    Double cleansing is the practice of washing your face not once but actually twice. One cleansing simply doesn’t do enough. You need to cleanse twice to ensure that all of the grime, dirt, and pollution that have built up on the surface of your skin are properly removed, along with any makeup that you might have applied in the morning.

    Washing the first time will remove surface dirt, but add a second cleanse to penetrate your pores, flushing out any leftover dirt and sebum that may remain.

  1. Always layer products in the right order.

    Getting the order right is not difficult. You just need to understand the general rule that you must always apply the lightest products first before moving on to thicker formulas at the end of your routine. If you need a little guidance on which step to take when, here’s the order we think is most effective:

      • Cleanser 
      • Toner 
      • Spot Cream 
      • Serum 
      • Eye Cream 
      • Moisturizer 
      • Oil 
      • SPF 

      Make sure you are giving each product some time to absorb into your skin before applying the next one in line.

  1. Understanding Your Skin Type 

    Understanding your skin’s requirements will help you to find the right products that will work the best for you, without damaging your skin by using the products that are not meant for your skin type. Everyone has his or her own unique skin, and while that may change over time, there are specific skin type categories you can use as a general guideline to help you find the right kind of skincare product.

    Once you understand the characteristics of your skin, you’ll have a better idea regarding your skin type, which will enable you to start choosing the right types of products.

  1. Spend time exfoliating. 

    You should give some time to exfoliate. This means that you should exfoliate at least once a week. This practice will help to remove dead skin cells that block your pores while also working to improve skin cell renewal. Not only will regular exfoliation remove dead skin cells and the type of dirt and bacteria that contribute to breakouts, but it will also help to brighten your complexion and enable the products that you will be using afterwards, penetrate deeper into your skin.

    How frequently you should exfoliate really depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you can try exfoliating two or three times a week. On the other hand, if you deal with dry skin, you should only cleanse once a week.

    Make sure you never scrub with too much force, as that will damage your skin. Instead, apply gentle pressure and always use warm water and not hot.

  1. Always wear sunscreen.

    As melanoma rates continue to climb, we once again remind our patients about the need to wear sunscreen whenever they leave the house. UV rays can penetrate your skin even in perpetually cloudy weather, so you must take precautions against excessive sun exposure all year.

    Try using a lightweight SPF formula for the face, such as a moisturiser or invisible shield, with at least a 30 SPF.

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