7 Skin Care Myths Debunked This National Healthy Skin Care Month

7 Skin Care Myths Debunked This National Healthy Skin Care Month

If we say that the skin care facts and tips that you have been following are wrong, what if we said that you have been believing in so many skin care myths that you are actually doing your skin care all wrong? You won’t believe us, right? But this is actually true. A lot of people couldn’t differentiate between myths and facts about skin care. Therefore, in this blog, we are debunking skin care myths for you.

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Myths About Skin Care And The Facts You Need To Know 

Myth #1 - People with oily skin should not use moisturiser

The Truth - Myth Busted *Boom*

People with all the different skin types need moisturisers. To keep your skin balanced and nourished, you need to use moisturiser. However, people with oily skin need to choose their moisturisers very carefully because their skin is prone to clogged pores, acne, and blackheads.

Myth #2 -You only need to put sunscreens when you are out in the sun 

The Truth - Myth Busted *Boom* 

This is one of the most widely known myths that has almost been considered the truth. But the actual truth is that you need to put on sunscreen even when you are indoors. This is because the blue rays from our electronic gadgets have the power to make us age. However, it is not proven whether sunscreens can block blue rays, but it is advised to use them to avoid any kind of damage from harmful rays. The Ksisters have formulated a serum with the benefits of sunscreen. It has a Vitamin C serum with SPF 45 PA+++, which protects the skin from harmful UV rays. The best thing about this sunscreen is that it completely blends with the makeup to give a smooth finish.

Myth #3 - You can make your pores shrink

The Truth - Myth Busted *Boom* 

One of the ways brands have started promoting their products is by presenting the unique feature of pore minimization. However, it should be understood that pore sizes cannot be reduced because they depend on genetics. The products marketed to minimise the pores may do it temporarily by clogging the pores or by other means, but a permanent solution is not possible by using such products.

Myth #4 - Fast food gives you pimples and acne

The Truth - Myth Busted *Boom* 

For a long time, food items that have a high glycemic index—basically, food items that have a higher amount of refined sugar and more carbohydrates—have been associated with causing pimples and acne. However, it cannot be denied that fast food and junk food items are surely high in glycemic levels, so you should be mindful of the food you are consuming. With this skin care myth busted, you can now eat whatever you want; just keep in mind that you become what you eat.

Myth #5 - Facial exercises tighten the face muscles and reduce wrinkles

The Truth - Myth Busted *Boom*

Like other exercises that make other parts of the body ripped, facial exercises don’t do the same. Facial exercises do not work in the same manner. In fact, doing facial exercises will make creases on the face, thereby increasing wrinkles.

Myth 6 - You should exfoliate your skin 

The Truth - Myth Busted *Boom* 

The human body is amazing, and this is proven by the fact that the dead skin cells that you want to get rid of by using an exfoliator are done by your body on its own. Therefore, you definitely don’t need an exfoliator.

Myth 7 - You don’t need to use sunscreen in winters 

The Truth - Myth Busted *Boom* 

Well, sunscreens are easily the most misunderstood products out of the entire lot. And the truth is, you do need sunscreen in winter too, as even though the harmful UV rays of the sun are not that strong in winter, they are undoubtedly present, and therefore you need this shield at all times.

Enjoy The National Healthy Skin Care Month With The Ksisters

November is National Healthy Skin Care Month, and this blog is a little effort by The Ksisters to burst myths and bring out the underlying truth related to achieving healthy skin.
As winter approaches, you are aware that your skin care routine must adapt to the changing seasons.

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National Healthy Skin Care Month wouldn’t have been any better before!

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